Leverage our decades of product innovation and development experience to your benefit

Westlab's Healthcare team use the mantra to Consult, Create and Coordinate, to work closely with clients and produce a made-to-specification product.

Westlab’s mantra is to Consult, Create and Coordinate. Our goal is to take the clinical needs of the4 client and create an ideal product to enhance the life of the clinician. Westlab health consult with the end users and other parties to find pain points, key desirables and important specifications, create a solution which includes prototyping and refining workshops, and coordinate manufacture and delivery of a custom-made product. 

Who is it for?

The Co-create program is ideal for clients whose needs are specific, and the products are being used in high volume by clinicians and healthcare workers.

How does it work?

  • Set up an initial meeting with the Westlab Health team 
  • Identify needs/wants/pain points
  • Create a design brief
  • Produce prototypes
  • Coordinate manufacture and delivery

Developing products with you, for you

In-house research and development team

Westlab’s team indeed work closely with all of our clients, however instigate special projects for key clients with specific clinical needs.

Proven track records

The Co-Create program has been highly successful with clients, bringing custom-made PPE and healthcare products. Not only satisfying customers, but satisfying required regulations for PPE and Healthcare consumables.


Westlab worked closely and confidentially with a key client who were confronted with the need for a clinically accepted and diverse product which could act as a single solution to service the needs of all frontline healthcare workers.


An adaptable unit is a desirable product for any healthcare worker, and in order to service thousands of frontline workers with a comfortable and safe product, our client needed to engage with a reliable partner that was agile enough to meet stringent time restraints and had adequate production and customization capability.


Westlab Health’s in-house co-creation team partnered with the clientele in a series of interactive workshops to assess the wide range of problems experienced with previous products & suppliers. Using our agile product development process, we were able to quickly identify key needs. 

Must-have features were identified on the product. Prototyping is an important part of the Westlab product development process, to ensure the product meets the design brief with surgical precision. This process also allowed the customer to handle and experience the product prior to commitment of securing bulk production. 


By utilizing our agile co-creation process, Westlab Health were able to liaise with raw material providers in early phases in the project. This ensured that when the client was ready to commit, Westlab Health and its supply chain were already primed to move immediately and secure resource.

Westlab Health listened to the voices of clinicians and healthcare workers across the organisation to develop a face shield which was fit for purpose. Through its adjustability and meeting desired performance metrics the client was able to secure bulk quantities of a custom-made product, ultimately improving the safety and comfort of Victorians.