Serving the Healthcare and Laboratory market since 1993.

With industry-leading healthcare and laboratory devices and consumables, Westlab has a reputation for delivering quality, future-proofed innovative products originating from the quality-hubs of manufacturing. Trendsetting scientific and medical solutions, we are driven by a fearless desire to facilitate discovery.

We are continuously innovating to unlock your discoveries and trailblazing solutions to clear the path for breakthrough research.

Westlab’s key achievement is closing the gap between quality and speed. Your needs are a quality product, yet readily available. With the greatest efficiencies in supply chain and agile solutions, we assure an industry-leading product, delivered quickly and on time – giving you the jump on your next discovery. 

Cutting through disruptions that may arise, our underlying motive is that your discoveries improve our world.

Our Mission

Westlab in every discovery.

Westlab’s Capability Statement

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