Benchtop Hotplate/Stirrer

Westlab were engaged by a university in Australia to handle a full scale rollout of a customized equipment package. In line with their budgetary objectives, Westlab developed a custom benchtop stirrer/hotplate for their teaching laboratories.

How we helped to create the spec

Westlab’s university category manager consulted very closely with the lab managers and received a brief to provide a technically capable unit but to trim down costs. Our suggestion was to create an analogue unit which would be equally capable but more basic. We collaborated closely to create a manufacturing brief with requirements specific to the laboratory.

Engineering to Specification

Using the insights of the lab managers and their feedback on frustrations from other products, we were able to specify componentry to include in the unit. This includes a high quality brushless motor and ceramic heating element to ensure function remained over form. This would ensure greatest accuracy when running practical experiments.

Quality Control and Inspection

Running prototyping rounds with our trusted manufacturer was important, enabling us to collaborate with staff and students alike. Issues such as control increments and balance were ironed out in this process.

Supply Chain

With a deadline for equipment commissioning provided by the university, Westlab initiated manufacturing contracts to schedule delivery and commissioning within the deadline. With regular project control meetings, manufacturing and logistics updates were provided for the whole equipment contract.


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12 Week Deadline


Benchtop Hotplate/Stirrer



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