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Popular Healthcare Products

  • Isolation Gown – Polyethylene

    Made In Australia
  • IPA Disinfectant Wipes

    Made In Australia
  • Hand Sanitiser – Gel

    Made In Australia
  • Face Masks – Level 2

    Made In Australia
  • Face Shield – Reusable

    Made In Australia
    Made In Australia
Westlab Health's product offering is stocked in Canada, United States and Australia for immediate delivery to our global clients.

Who we are

Westlab Pty Ltd have been serving the laboratory and healthcare markets since 1993. With our global distribution reach and strong supplier and manufacturing network, the Westlab team is set-up to deliver core healthcare consumables on time and within budget.

Our core solutions include: Healthcare consumables & PPE, Infection Prevention Products, Vaccine Delivery Solutions & Cold Storage and a complete range of Generic and Robotic Pipette tips and PCR consumables.

Product Range, Production Capacity, Case Studies & More!

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