Westlab’s WeStore program enables healthcare groups to secure large quantities of in-demand products.

The Westlab WeStore initiative was born as result of our healthcare clients running short of warehouse space while still wanting to take advantage of bulk healthcare pricing.

Westlab’s WeStore program enables healthcare groups to secure large quantities of in-demand products and to access bulk pricing, without the hassle of cluttering valuable storage space with stocks they don’t need at the time.

When you become part of the WeStore program, we will drip feed the necessary stock as you need it.

Key Benefits

  • Bulk Volume Pricing.
  • Certainty of Supply.
  • Reduce Your Warehouse Footprint.
  • Improved Cash Flow.
  • Remove Logistical Headaches.

Who is it for?

Our WeStore Program is for healthcare groups, with centralised purchasing and a high usage of core healthcare consumables. It is for those that are challenged with warehousing space and require a certainty of supply and a certified product.

How does it work?

  1. Work with a Westlab’s healthcare specialist to assess your volume requirements.
  2. Place a covering order for 3, 6 or 12 months of stock.
  3. Westlab will dispatch goods weekly or monthly catered to your specific requirements.

Healius Ltd is a leading pathology group in Australia and is known for its national location and reach into rural areas. With huge laboratories in the major capital cities of Australia conducting most of the testing throughout Covid-19, Healius had their work cut out for them in the height of the pandemic. 


With these massive testing numbers, Healius needed and still need large volumes of consumables to enable them to stay agile and keep up with testing demands. Global supply shortages of consumables such as pipette tips created a massive challenge to the laboratories and supply challenges created needless hassle for both scientists and procurement executives. 


Healius were able to take advantage of Westlab’s supply security through WeStore, securing bulk amounts in advance, where Westlab stock items reserved for Healius. Bulk quantities are locked in and reserved and only delivered when needed.  


Rather than putting extensive efforts into once-off sourcing programs, Healius were able to take advantage of Westlab’s WeStore program and secure ongoing supply with no extra charges. This way Westlab could confidently move in advance and schedule large amounts of stock on an ongoing basis.