Customised Collection Containers

Westlab worked with a large Canadian laboratory that was having consistent stockouts with its primary vendor for sterile urine collection containers.

How we helped to create the spec

We worked with our principal contract manufacturer to create molds based on the client needs. While our client required a special 90mL container, most manufacturers provide a standard 60mL or 120mL container. 

Being a specialized 90ml polypropylene container with tamper evident labeling requirements, we 3D printed samples, provided drawings and existing products for quality inspections, worked with pathology staff to refine the design.

Engineering to Specification

With a ‘specifications brief’ finalized, we worked with the manufacturer to match materials and create customized packaging for the client. Thanks to manufacturing flexibility we were also able to create custom labels with data matrices, writing surfaces and branding.

Quality Control and Inspection

Our product development team worked with the manufacturer to provide testing and formal specifications before proceeding with a contract. This would ensure that materials used, design and the overall finished product was engineered appropriately, and ensure integrity of the screw cap seal.

Supply Chain

Westlab incorporated mold and tooling costs into pricing for the 2 year contract. This would ensure there were no upfront capex costs and would absorb the cost over the life of the contract.

Importantly, continuous transparent PCG meetings in the process of setting up the molds and logistics plans provided a transparent overview of the contract progress. This also allowed us to remain flexible with logistics and move with the client’s requirements.


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14 Weeks Development


Sample Collection Containers

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