Swab & Tube Kit for Viral Testing

Westlab worked closely with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to develop and engineer a reliable viral sampling kit which could be used for viral testing right across the state.

How we helped to create the spec

We worked with key stakeholders from the clinical diagnostics and procurement sectors
within DHHS to define exactly the specification required. Victoria runs a high volume testing regime for seasonal viruses, which requires a robust product to withstand logistics handling. Furthermore, compatibility with existing liquid handlers was non negotiable.

Engineering to Specification

Working closely with many pathologists within DHHS and applying feedback from collection nurses, Westlab refined specifications for the product which would alleviate existing pressures. A custom product combination was refined, consisting of appropriate Hank’s medium for viral transport, a durable tube to fit existing equipment, and a swab with a breakpoint engineered not to disrupt laboratory processing later in the procedure.

In addition, customized labelling fields for tubes were added for system integration. This was important to clinicians as it allows efficient workflows and reduces frustrations of collection staff.

Quality Control and Inspection

Following our validation protocol, Westlab completed all due diligence with the manufacturer, utilizing V-Trust as an auditor to eliminate any modern slavery risks. The next step was to obtain government certification.

After this, Westlab’s technical support team ran extensive validation of the kits on the field and supporting in the laboratory with DHHS stakeholders. This enabled us to make minor changes to the specification before entering contracts.

Supply Chain

Despite the supply chain crisis at the time, Westlab was able to bring in the first batches for the 3 year contract with certainty. Setting up transparent PCG (Project Control Group) meetings has been vital to the success of this project. Our logistics team utilize boutique agents to ensure that we have visibility over supply chain for every step of the way.


Point of Care testing


Public Sector Pathology


8 weeks development, ongoing contract


Viral testing kits


$6.7M per annum

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