Infection Prevention

An ideal post-COVID world would only be reached through effective mitigation of risk in all areas.

Infection prevention products brought to you by sustainable local manufacturers bring quality and quantity via a secure supply line, to ensure that health services can continue to operate as the lifeblood of our society.

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  • IPA Disinfectant Wipes

    The first ‘Australian Made’ wipe by Westlab. A high-quality wipe manufactured here in Australia. Hospital Grade. Available for export with current production capacity of 50,000 canisters per week. Wall brackets to suit, white powder coated bracket that mounts to the wall. Made in Australia Packaging 12 Canisters per carton 648 Canisters per pallet Product Information…

  • Surface Disinfectant

    LabPower Surface Spray is a hospital-grade surface disinfectant that kills germs, bacteria and viruses. LabPower Surface Spray is suitable for use in health care, hospitality, offices, shops, airports, public transport, bathrooms, and in all public areas. Packaging 750ml Spray Bottles. 12 per carton, 768 per pallet 5L Bottle. 192 per pallet 20L Drum. 48 per…

  • Hand Sanitiser – Gel

    A clear, odourless anti-bacterial gel manufactured in Australia to the WHO Standard. The rapid germ-killing activity makes it ideal for use at any time, particularly before or after patient contact. Comes in 500ml or 1L Gel Pump Bottles. Complete bottle dispensing and automatic dispenser range in stock. As about our Australian Made wall and floor…

  • Hand Sanitiser – Gel Dispenser

    Westlab’s Automatic Gel Dispenser is a high quality dispenser designed for any gel. This dispenser allows for flexibility in gel types and does not lock you in to a specific cartridge. It has a 1L capacity and can be mounted on the wall, or on a stand. Available accessories: Drip Tray and Heavy Duty Floor…

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