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Discover the Westlab range of animal health products, designed to assist with bovine, porcine and ovine infection control

Westlab work with government departments and veterinary institutions to supply bulk biosecurity and animal infection control products.

Our range of syringes and needles are ideal for veterinary applications. Our testing and identification products are highly sensitive and made by high-quality, reputable manufacturers.

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  • Single Use Syringe, Luer Lock

    High-Quality Syringe, made in Qatar. Sterile hypodermic single-use syringe for manual use manufactured in accordance with ISO 7886-1. Luer Lock nozzle tip, 3-Part Syringe without a needle. Product Information TGA Number 355892 Material: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Isoprene, PP/PE Master Batch, Silicone Oil Shelf Life, 5 years from Manufacture Date Sterilisation Method: Ethylene Oxide Sterile, Non-Toxic, Bacterial…

  • Virus Sampling Tubes

    The Virus Sampling Kits are used for the collection, transportation and storage of virus specimens. The preservation solution uses the classical Hanks balanced salt solution formula, adding bovine serum albumin (BSA) and antibiotics. The Hanks media has a preserving effect, the kits prevent bacterial and fungal contamination and can maintain the activity of the virus…

  • Z1 One Piece Tagger

    The Z1 no snag tagger has been trusted by farmers for more than 20 years The flick out pin eliminates ripped ears Lightweight and durable Each tagger includes a spare pin and a tag loader for easier and faster tag loading Designed to apply Z1 no snag tags

  • One Piece Feedlot Tag

    Zeetag Feedlot tags are single tags (one piece) and Apply with Z1 no snag tagger. The unique surgical cutting tip reduces the risk of infection and potential disease transfer. Low cost solution tag recommended for short term use only. Suitable for live exporters. Fast and easy to apply, available in up to 13 colours and…

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