Surface Disinfectant

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LabPower Surface Spray is a hospital-grade surface disinfectant that kills germs, bacteria and viruses. LabPower Surface Spray is suitable for use in health care, hospitality, offices, shops, airports, public transport, bathrooms, and in all public areas.


  • 750ml Spray Bottles. 12 per carton, 768 per pallet
  • 5L Bottle. 192 per pallet
  • 20L Drum. 48 per pallet

Product Information

  • 12 Kills germs, bacteria and viruses on hard or soft surfaces
  • Eliminates the source of mould allergens
  • Easy to use
  • Application:
  • Spray pre-cleaned surface until wet.
  • Allow to stand for up to 10 minutes to air dry

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