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Discover the Vacusera’s premium blood collection tubes and range of accessories.

Vacusera’s TGA registered blood collection tubes are made form unbreakable PET tube, butyl rubber stopper and polyethylene cap

Tubes are produced in accordance to ISO 6710, ISO 13485:2016, 98/79/EC and 93/42/EEC certifications and guidelines.

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  • Safety Blood Collection Sets

    Vacusera Safety Blood Collection Sets are used for blood collection from difficult veins like children and elder people. Safety mechanism protects healthcare workers from needle stick injury. Vacusera Safety Blood Collection Sets are with luer adapter and also with Pre-attached holder.

  • Blood Collection Needles

    Westlab are the exclusive distributors of the Vacusera range manufactured in Turkey. Vacusera Blood Collection Needles are used for blood collection. The needles are coated with silicone, a low friction and ensuring very gentle vein entry. 18 G pink, 20 G yellow, 21 G green, 22 G black and 23 G blue needles are available…

  • Blood Collection Tubes

    Westlab are the exclusive distributors for the Vacusera Blood Collection range, made of unbreakable PET tube, butyl rubber stopper and polyethylene cap. We offer medical paper labelled tubes and also transparent labelled tubes. All components of Vacusera Blood Collection Systems improve patient’s comfort, help safe and quality blood collection and also reliable test results. Serum…

  • Pipette Tips, Universal

    Kirgen Pipette Tips are validated by Westlab as a high quality product with a diverse fitting scheme, which is readily available in large quantities. With hugely impressive feedback from many pathology and research clientele across Australia and New Zealand, Kirgen continues to be a key consumable at Westlab. Product Information DNAse RNAse Free Low-retention Extra-long/Standard…

  • Pipette Tips, Robotic

    With a wide range of robotic pipette tips available, Westlab can cater for several brands. Cost-effective alternatives for the main brands are available with precision-engineered German manufactured products. Product Information Suits most commercial/pathology PCR & Robotic Pipettors Available in all sizes Integrate with scanning/batch processes on main brands Manufactured in Germany High quality plastics Manufactured…

  • Virus Sampling Tubes

    The Virus Sampling Kits are used for the collection, transportation and storage of virus specimens. The preservation solution uses the classical Hanks balanced salt solution formula, adding bovine serum albumin (BSA) and antibiotics. The Hanks media has a preserving effect, the kits prevent bacterial and fungal contamination and can maintain the activity of the virus…

  • Phase Change Material

    Phase change material (PCM)

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