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Discover the Vacusera’s premium blood collection tubes and range of accessories.

Labeling systems for any environment and protocols

The paper and transparent labels to pre-barcoded tubes to ensure traceability in strict conditions.

Paper Labeled Tubes

Transparent Labeled Tubes

Pre-Barcoded Labeled Tubes


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Vacusera premium range of blood collection tubes

Vacusera's TGA registered blood collection tubes are made form unbreakable PET tube, butyl rubber stopper and polyethylene cap.

Premium Quality

Blood Collection Tools

Vacusera's blood collection range are produced in accordance to ISO 6710, ISO 13485:2016, 98/79/EC and 93/42/EEC certifications and guidelines.

Blood collection accessories

Popular accessories to help you do your best work.


Vacusera Tourniquet is used for tying the vein during blood collection. It is safe and easy to use.

Blood Collection Sets with Safety Shield

Vacusera Safety Blood Collection Sets are used for blood collection from difficult veins like children and elder people. Safety mechanism protects healthcare workers from needle stick injury. Vacusera Safety Blood Collection Sets are also available with Pre-Attached holder.

Blood Collection Needles & Holders

Vacusera Holders are compatible with Vacusera Blood Collection Needles and Vacusera Blood Collection Tubes. It provides safety and easy use for healthcare workers.

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