Westlab tirelessly works to ensure that all fronts of the health sector have a sustainable option by which to procure PPE and medical devices, which are essential to the functioning of our health system.

Quality is often the difference between success and liability in patient care scenarios.

Westlab’s extensively validated and approved medical safety apparel has proven itself time and time again.

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  • Surgical Gown

    Products Model Westlab Surgical Gown Type Disposable Surgical gown (Sterile, General) Fabric SMMS (45gsm) Size M, L, XL Color Blue Manufacturer Location South Korea Packing Information Packing M/L Size: 40ea/ctn, 22ctn/pallet, 20pallets/40ft (17,600ea) XL Size: 35ea/ctn, 22ctn/pallet, 20pallsets/40ft (15,400ea) Gross Weight M: 8.06kg/ctn / L: 8.08kg/ctn / XL: 8.08/ctn Carton Box(ctn) Size 54 x 34…

  • Isolation Gown, Polyethylene

    A polyethylene gown, with thumb hooks. For protection against water-based liquids, mild acids and bases, bodily fluids, particulate matter, fibres, dirt, dust and grime. Packaging 300 units per carton (inner bags of 10). 18 cartons per pallet 5,400 units per carton Product Information Made from 0.25mm CPE (cast polyethylene film) Waterproof Two back ties, thumb…

  • Isolation Gown

    Products Model Westlab Isolation Gown Type Disposable Isolation gown (Non-Sterile, General) Fabric Two-Layered Polypropylene(PP) / Polyethylene(PE) Size L, XL Color Yellow Manufacturer Location South Korea Packing Information Packing L/XL Size: 10ea/pack, 10pack/carton, 20pallets/40ft (17,600ea) Gross Weight L: 8.02kg/ctn / XL: 9.191/ctn Carton Box(ctn) Size 53 x 36 x 36 (cm) Pallet Size 110 x 110…

  • Protective Coverall

    Products Model DASOL COVERALL Antiviral Protective Clothing Type All-in-one type with hood (Boots included) Fabric Air permeability file and non-woven fabric laminating Size XL (180cm) Color White Manufacturer Location South Korea Product Features Hood One-piece type Boots included With double-layer fabric combining breathable film and non-woven fabric, it uses highest level medical fabric to protect…

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