Protective Coverall

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Model DASOL COVERALL Antiviral Protective Clothing
Type All-in-one type with hood (Boots included)
Fabric Air permeability file and non-woven fabric laminating
Size XL (180cm)
Color White
Manufacturer Location South Korea

Product Features

  • Hood One-piece type Boots included
    With double-layer fabric combining breathable film and non-woven fabric, it uses highest level medical fabric to protect workers.
  • Top-rated antiviral clothing
    Top-rated antiviral clothing with excellent breathability and waterproofness. Antiviral performance verification from accredited testing laboratories.
  • Waterproof¬∑Oilproof¬∑Dustproof
    Double-layer fabric combining breathable film and non-woven fabric. Moisture permeability, breathability, waterproof, oilproof.

Image Credit: Dasol International

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