CPAP/BiPAP Devices

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CPAP/BiPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Therapy or Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure respectively, and applies air pressure to the airway on inhalation (and exhalation with a BiPAP machine) to prevent it collapsing during sleep, commonly referred to as apnoea. Westlab are the distributors for the Löwenstein devices which are extremely high quality with natural breathing pressure patterns as opposed to sharp and digitised patterns found on competing devices.

Product Information

  • Varied ventilation modes
  • Broad pressure ranges
  • Inbuilt user-specific pre-settings
  • Extremely quiet

Consult your doctor for use with pre-existing conditions such as lung diseases, low blood pressure, dehydration, surgery, heart problems, COPD, opioid pain management; always refer to the user guide before use.

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