Why Westlab is leading the global supply chain for blood collection tubes

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2022 brings some of the worst supply chain conditions ever seen in the world. Combined with struggling global economies is a brutal war which has global effects, all coming together to create a global supply chain network which flounders at a hint of a problem. One problem has a bullwhip effect, rippling through the supply chain to have knock-on effects right down the line.

One product that has suffered throughout is a simple consumable that is consumed in massive volumes is a simple blood collection tube. Several factors can be blamed:

  • Raw material shortages
  • Lockdowns in China
  • Large cumbersome supplier’s inability to adapt

Here’s why Westlab is a leader global supply chains for blood collection consumables.

Custom Manufacturing

Working with our network of manufacturers, Westlab value the ability to be agile, to adapt to supply chain challenges and client needs, and to co-create our solutions alongside the client. Part of our Co-Creation program is sitting down with the client to solve clinical roadblocks and address pain-points.

Providing customised solutions ensures long-term unmatched product success.

Avoiding fragile supply chain

Taking into account the turbulent nature of geopolitics in the Pacific in 2022, China is currently, unquestionably a risk. This has been proven time and time again through the pandemic. Risks are many and varied, extending from fraudulent products, to sudden supply chain seizures, and in most circumstances, supply chain disruptions, meaning long extended delays. Our methodology of identifying and mitigating risks – de-risking your whole procedure – draws us elsewhere.

Working with world-class supply chain organisations

Working alongside Santé Group, a global supply chain and consultancy organisation, has allowed Westlab to examine every step of the process, de-risking the supply chain and bringing bullet-proof linkage from factory floor to your store.

Working to heal supply chain links and add value

Thanks to the said supply chain grievances, Westlab has heavily examined logistics and supply to ensure that from start to finish, steps can be made to reduce the impacts of current problems. By thinking outside of the box, Westlab utilise our resources such as extensive local storage and distribution network, local manufacturing network and in-house team of product specialists to add value to the supply chain.

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