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In March 2020 the Westlab team worked through numerous designs and clinical trials to develop and manufacture a locally made face shield that could be produced in high volumes to meet the market demands.

Market feedback determined our parameters and the requirements for the shields: an anti-fog screen, ergonomic and comfortable fit, adequate face coverage, adequate distance from the face for comfort and usability and appropriate fitment were all required to be adequate and selectable for use in the medical sector.

The team at Westlab, being known for excellent innovative work, came together to research the needs of the medical front, the requirements needed to make the face shield an adequate disease barrier, and the best options for ergonomic fit and fit for purpose. Creative staff had no end of ideas and the best design was selected: one which was reliable and usable, was not too complex and would be able to be produced in large volume.

The shield was successfully developed, and initial production began at 25,000 units per day. This shield is currently being used by SA Health, NT Health, Queensland Health, NSW Health Pathology, Mater Health and more.

With spare capacity, we are now available for export. Production capacity is 25,000 per day and can be increased to 70,000 per day should the need arise. This means we can continue to assist the frontline and authorities to battle the virus in whatever form it arises, with minimal cost to the health organisations themselves.


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