Tools for early flu diagnosis – Rapid SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A/B Antigen Tests

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Australia is seeing its worst flu outbreaks in years, with influenza case numbers exceeding those of the last two years combined. It is a virus that brings with it severe symptoms similar to that of Covid-19, however with increased delusory and mental effects, side effects to the raging fever that influenza will usually give you.

What we have learnt from the pandemic is thankfully being put into practice in the main – effective infection prevention methods that have been taken on by the public after extensive pandemic measures during the Covid-19 pandemic. Part of this includes early diagnosis so that people can isolate and receive early treatment.

Many are in consternation about their symptoms, testing negative for Covid-19 while displaying all the right symptoms.

Rapid antigen tests for influenza A and B are an emerging technology accelerated by the pandemic, a useful tool that will help isolate cases early.

As you would know from experience in the pandemic, this has many benefits.

  • Prevention of workplace/school exposure leading to maintained productivity
  • Early treatment bringing earlier relief
  • Widespread enhanced infection control
  • Less strain on our healthcare system
  • Reduction in pressure on pathology groups

Is it worth testing for the flu?

Short answer, yes. The flu is a deadly disease that takes over 660,000 lives per year. Identifying this opens up treatment options such as antiviral drugs, monoclonal antibodies and other medication that reduces the severity of the virus.

What is ABC testing?

ABC testing is short for Rapid Influenza A, Influenza B and SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Antigen Testing. Most people are familiar with the rapid antigen testing method to detect Covid-19. The benefit of ABC is that all 3 diseases can be picked up at once.

Also Known as: COVID-19 – Antigen rapid Tests Combo COVID and Flu (Influenza), Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests, ARS-CoV-2 & Flu A/B Rapid Antigen Test, System Device for SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza A/B Combo Antigen Rapid Test,  Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests, Rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDTs), Status™ COVID-19/Flu A&B, COVID-19 – Antigen rapid Tests Combo COVID and Flu (Influenza), Combined testing for COVID-19, Flu A & Flu B** BD Veritor™ Plus System, SARS-CoV-2 & Influenza A+B, COVID-19 and Influenza A+B Rapid Antigen Combo Test (Nasopharyngeal Swab), Seasonal Influenza IVD self-tests,


Can you get rapid antigen tests for the flu?

Is it worth getting tested for the flu?

What precautions can I take against the flu?

But why is it so hard to get a rapid antigen test for influenza?

Does New cutting-edge rapid test detects both COVID-19 and flu?

Is it Flu or is it COVID-19?


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