Ramsay Health Care

Client Need

Ramsay Health Care, a global private healthcare organisation and renowned for its world-class care, required urgent provision of N95 respirators for Covid protection for their frontline workers. With demand for infection control PPE stretching the limits of supply, something was needed fast.

Westlab Solution

Westlab working with quality PPE manufacturers, in this instance BYD Care, were able to secure large production allocations for the DE2322 Respirator. This Respirator is known for its tight and reliable fit and superior respiratory filtration capabilities.

Working with BYD to maintain highest quality was a priority, while ensuring the delivery could take place within the timeframes.


The BYDs were delivered with success and continue to support the Ramsay Healthcare network with reliable supply. Thanks to this initial shipment the Ramsay Healthcare network has remained fully protected.


Face Protection




4 Weeks / Ongoing


BYD Care N95 Respirator

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