Department of Health and Human Services Victoria

Client Need

As part of the rigorous and extensive testing program, DHHS Victoria needed a quality tube and swab package to conduct reliable testing.

The requirement was a 10mL ARTG listed tube, and flocked swab suited to the instrumentation of the state laboratories.

Westlab Solution

Westlab worked closely to ethically approve the existing manufacturer, through several audits such as V-Trust. Validating the product through the TGA, we secured supply chain allocations specific to DHHS and locked in ongoing supply.

Furthermore, a trial order was placed, which helped DHHS confirm that this was the best product available, and the solution for ongoing testing across the state.


Westlab was strongly placed to help with ongoing testing needs, and DHHS are supported with large weekly shipments to ensure that contingency stock is on hand. A steady stream of swab and tube material to testing sites all over Victoria means Westlab has played a very vital part in the discoveries of DHHS and supported crucial Covid-19 measures.


Clinical & Diagnostics




2-3 Months; Ongoing


Clinical & Diagnostics - Tubes

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