Innovation to effectively minimise needle stick injuries

Cutting-edge design of safety medical devices featuring automated retraction technology, proven to effectively reduce the risk of needlestick injuries.

Injection devices


VanishPoint® Syringes & Insulin Syringes

VanishPoint syringes, “the gold standard for retractable needle syringes”* are an innovative safety syringe available in a variety of sizes, needle gauges, and needle lengths. Creating a safer workplace for your clinicians, all but eliminating exposure to the contaminated needle, maintaining a closed system to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Automatic needle retraction
  • Easy to use
  • Single-handed activation
  • Full retraction of attached needle
  • Low deadspace design allows greater efficiency and less waste
  • Full Luer compatibility
  • Requires less disposal space
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Patient Safe® Syringes

Patient Safe syringes are uniquely designed to reduce the risk of bloodstream infections resulting from catheter hub contamination.

  • Protects both the patient and the clinician
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Innovative Luer guard design promotes safe handling of syringe and medication by reducing the risk of Luer tip contact contamination
  • Compatible with most Luer hub needles
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EasyPoint® Needles

NEW EasyPoint retractable needles feature automated retraction technology and pre-removal capability that has made Retractable Technologies the industry standard, but with added versatility.

  • Compatible with Luer lock and Luer slip
  • Automatic retraction
  • Tip covered when activated
  • Single-handed activation
  • Colour-coded mechanism
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Reduce Needlestick Injuries

Learn how you can protect your team from exposure to contaminated needles.

Blood collection devices


VanishPoint® Blood Collection Sets

Automated in-vein retraction almost eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries during blood collection. VanishPoint® butterfly needles provide convenient and safe blood draw, with colour coded trigger indicators, and ergonomic finger grips.

  • Colour coded trigger indicator to identify gauge
  • Ergonomic finger grip design
  • Tube clamping function on activation
  • Clear mechanism body for flashback visualisation
  • Designed to reduce inadvertent activation
  • Latex-, PVC-, DEHP-free
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VanishPoint® Blood Collection Tube Holders

The VanishPoint® blood tube holder is an innovative system that is universally compatible with most needles and blood tubes alike. The clever mechanism design provides a reliable safety device while remaining flexible with other consumables on hand such as multiple-draw needles.

  • Universally compatible with needles and tubes
  • Comes with tube adaptors
  • Automatic needle retraction once blood is taken
  • Virtually eliminates exposure to both ends of contaminated needle
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Reduce Needlestick Injuries

Learn how you can protect your team from exposure to contaminated needles.

Infusion devices


VanishPoint® IV Catheters

The VanishPoint safety IV catheter utilizes patented automated retraction technology providing ease of use and allowing for single-handed venepuncture. Integrated safety mechanism when activated automatically retracts the introducer needle which remains safely enclosed inside the housing until disposal, reducing the risk of a needlestick injury.

  • No additional safety components required
  • Available in variety of sizes and gauges
  • Safe enclosure of catheter needle
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