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Patient-centric technology for anytime, anywhere clinical trial blood collection

Transforming Healthcare

Tasso is on a misson to revolutionise the Healthcare sector with innovative and patient-centric blood testing technology.

Their range of blood collection devices make it possible for patients, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and healthcare providers to access meaningful diagnostic information for improved health outcomes.

Tasso Devices

Tasso offers a versatile line of devices to support liquid or dried blood sample collection for diverse testing applications


80 µL (4x20 µL)

Tasso-M20 devices deliver whole dried blood samples from the patient to the lab. The device can be used for PK (pharmacokinetic) monitoring in patients enrolled in clinical trials.


150-300 µL

The Tasso-SST device delivers whole liquid blood samples prepared without anticoagulation, allowing immediate separation of serum for antibody and other testing.

Investigational Use Only


>400 µL

The Tasso+ device is a blood lancet that collects whole liquid blood samples. Multiple standard collection tubes are compatible.

Clinical Equivalency to Venous Draw

Tasso has validated clinical equivalency to venous blood for a wide variety of analytes. For new analytes, we will work with your team to determine an effective strategy.

  • HbA1c
  • Creatine
  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL

1 Core panels: Diabetes, and CKD (HbA1c, CRE, TC, HDL, LDL)

2. All tests meet CLIA acceptance criteria

How it works

Tasso offers a reliable and scalable digitally-enhanced solution to collect blood from your patients remotely, no painful venous draw or inconvenient lab visit necessary.


Kit sent directly to patient home


Patient self-collects blood at home


Patient returns sample by mail


Lab receives sample and runs analyses


Test results made available

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