Westlab Canada: The Benefits of Locally Made Isolation Gowns

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In the current climate more than ever, consumers are looking for a secure and reliable supply chain that guarantees volume, quality and sustainability. Westlab’s scheme of moving away from importation towards local manufacturing is the greatest step towards achieving this guarantee.

PPE being the most significant consumable currently being used on most health fronts, Westlab are committed to our own local manufacturing. Our isolation gown manufacturing facilities are providing huge benefits.

Secure supply, volume, sustainability

Being a necessity for most health facilities, isolation gowns are usually required in large volumes on a regular basis. Our large-volume manufacturing is only constrained by access to raw materials. As this is a sustainably sourced product, our processes possess huge output capability. In addition to this fact, manufacturing is able to be scaled back to suit market demands, which would fluctuate in response to increased public infection or community transmission rates.

Additionally, manufacturing in local regions supports local supply chains. The local sourcing further slashes costs of importing, including freight and duties. Trade tensions and shipping delays are totally avoided. What does this mean for local hospitals and those on the health front? We are able to ensure on-time, secure supply of goods so that anxiety and buying options are kept open. Where trade tension, shortage and delays occur, hospitals are forced to take options, however costly, to secure their own stocks of PPE – without which they would not be able to function. Local manufacturing guarantees on-time, secure delivery.

Local Jobs

Local manufacturing revitalises our local jobs and ensures that our health front is not being supplied to the benefit of foreign countries. Realising just how fragile foreign reliance is, not only Westlab but an increasing number of companies are supporting local manufacturing which benefits in all directions – we are giving back to both our general community and the health front to whom we are indebted for our safety and wellbeing.

Multiple Locations

With Westlab’s multiple global locations, flexibility in both manufacturing and supply chain is guaranteed. International presence ensures we can obtain the best materials for the best prices and obtain total manufacturing security. Importantly, however, local manufacturing is not confined to local supply. By utilising local resources, wide support for the health front is offered.

Why Westlab?

Gowns, being an essential item in most healthcare fronts, should be purchased wisely. Local manufacturing supports our economy and ensures a secure supply chain so that supply is hassle-free.


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