The Concerns Around COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

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Having risen above the pandemic of 2020, 2021 promises the imminent delivery of vaccination options. Westlab Health has unique insight into what delivery options will look like in the year to come. 

The vaccine delivery process likely for 2021 appears such that challenges to logistics and safety, cross-contamination and efficiency are likely. Logistics challenges present issues in the areas of both safety and efficiency, while cross-contamination in turn will impact efficiency and safety.  

Upon speaking to a healthy cross-section of pharmacists and general practitioners from varying locations within Australia, vaccine delivery will likely take place in pharmacies in a similar fashion to the influenza vaccination. Recipients would join a queue in order to receive a shot from a pharmacist or GP within the pharmacy, which would happen in high-volume to the majority of the population. Pharmacies, depending on their capacity and location, would receive thousands of vaccines to deliver to whichever the percentage of the population would take it up.  

Usual Processes  

In the COVID-Safe world, where cross contamination is to be avoided at all costs, the typical practice of the administering personnel drawing cotton wool swabs for general vaccination wound treatment presents a challenge in this nature. By handling various people and drawing swabs from one single container, bacteria can be transferred into the supply presenting an issue to both the nurse and the patient(s).  

This could be met with new PPE for every shot given of the COVID-19 vaccine. Realistically, this would require a new set of gloves, potentially sterilisation of the workspace and new gowns etc. This presents a both logistics and cost issues.  

The Solution 

In order to maximise efficiency and safety, Westlab recommends the Vaccine Sanitary Kit for a solution. This sterile single-use kit provides all material needed for the pre- and post-injection treatment. Thus, challenges of cross-contamination and subsequent safety are met in a single cost-effective solution. 

This solution would mean that governments could ensure that vaccine administration is completed in a substantially safer way for very little cost. Ensuring that the recipient receives maximum sanitary protection prevents large-scale cross-contamination. Therefore the option is essential to ensuring a safe vaccine program.


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