How to protect your business from Airborne Contaminants

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Australia’s Omicron wave of COVID-19 has highlighted how easily airborne particles can spread and make us sick. However, quality air filtration has been used long before the pandemic. We are seeing air filters being redesigned and rolled out to new settings.

But if you find yourself in need of an air purifier to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and comply with infection guidelines, where do you start?

What are airborne contaminants?

Airborne contaminants are tiny particles that can be inhaled and affect our health. Airborne contaminants range from manmade dust, fibres and fumes to organic pathogens like bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses.

In order to prevent the spread of indoor airborne contaminants, it is recommended to purchase an air purifier which traps at least 99% of contaminants and emits fresh clean air into the room’s atmosphere.

What makes a good air filter?

Virus and other particles can be as small as 0.3 micrometres in diameter. Effective removal of these particles requires reputable medical devices that use HEPA filtering technology.

HEPA (High-efficency particulate air) filters are extremely fine filters that capture particles found in the area like dust, bacteria and viruses. Fully certified and rated HEPA filters are the only reliable world standard that consistently capture 99.99% of particles 0.3+ micrometres in diameter and only emit clean particle-free air.

There are different kinds of air filters to best match different types of settings.

Large spaces

Gatherings and parties are fun no matter what the occasion but the risk of transmission between a large number of people is much higher and has led to super-spreader events. Post-lockdown anxiety is seeing some people become anxious participating in large crowds.

For larger spaces like entertainment halls and restaurants, the Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro is designed for efficiently filtering the air in high traffic and larger areas. It’s 3-in-1 filter which includes an F7 Prefilter, activated carbon filter and H13/14 HEPA filter is incredibly effective at reducing risk of transmission.

Healthcare settings

Healthcare settings like hospital wards and medical centres have always required high quality air filtration to protect their patients from airborne diseases. Especially the young, the elderly and immunocompromised (eg: burn and cancer patients).

With high traffic of people in hospitals, the use of cleaning chemicals and spores released from a water damaged building can trigger potentially deadly infections in some patients. To prevent this, air in medical settings needs to turned over at least four times an hour.

Healthcare settings require the best air filtration units like the Aeris aair MICU (Medical Infection Control Unit) which has an anti-microbial filter treatment to kills viruses and Volatile Organic Compounds like COVID-19. This unit is suitable for surgical/patient care operations.

Classroom/ Office settings:

The pandemic has seen a mass-roll out of air filter units in classrooms and offices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in children and keep schools open.

For social settings like classrooms and offices, units like the Aeris aair Lite or the Aeris aair 3-in-1 Pro can kill virus particles in minutes and dramatically reduce virus transmission rates. The unit also has an extremely simple filter change making it easy for busy teachers and office staff to make the switch.

Compact suites

Compact suites like dentist offices, specialist suites and hotel rooms are higher risk places for airborne transmission because of their small spaces. The Oxira is professionally built for compact medical, commercial and hospitality areas. Offering high flow to small rooms, there is 6 different models accommodating to rooms with different sizes, foot traffic and their purpose.

Whether you are an office or a hospital, even after the pandemic we should all focus on quality air filtration for the best health for everyone.

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