Client Need

HealthShare NSW needed urgent stockpiles of Rapid Antigen Tests for distribution to our vulnerable and to our healthcare system. With Covid cases at record highs over 100 times the previous record, the state of New South Wales required a method of testing residents to mitigate risk of infection.

Westlab Solution

Westlab not only offered a speedy bulk delivery but could provide the MP Biomedicals Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Card which has superior sensitivity to most tests on the market at over 98%. Working with our supply chain partners to secure supply chain from factory to stockpile we ensured delivery was seamless.


NSW continue to utilise the high efficacy of the MP Bio test provided by Westlab which has been instrumental in ensuring infection control is maintained at a maximum. Thanks to this innovative product, NSW has been its least restricted since the beginning of the pandemic.


Point of Care testing




5 Weeks


Rapid Antigen Tests

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