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The Covid-19 pandemic planted its first seeds in Australia in February 2020. Case numbers were relatively low, and Australia’s pathology system handled the screening programme well.

As Covid-19 evolved, becoming more contagious and less harsh in its impacts, restrictions started to relax in late 2021. Virologists and epidemiologists predicted daily case numbers would exceed any records by more than 10 times. This meant an appropriate screening tool would be needed in adequate quantities to allow self-identification and self-testing for Covid-19.

Working closely with aged care and healthcare where our most vulnerable are the most exposed to Covid was a huge challenge for our government. The National Medical Stockpile needed rapid antigen tests that could be reliable yet cost-effective and high quality. Furthermore, pushback from pathologies and critics on the efficacy of the tests proved a risk when considering for rollout of the RATs.

Westlab Solution

To use the MP Biomedicals test, utilised by most states in Australia and successful overseas, was a simple step for the federal government. With high efficacy (over 98% sensitivity) and reliable supply, the test was ideal for the circumstances. PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) had been a staple part of the Covid-19 public health response and parallel policies.

Westlab liaised with our supply partners and the manufacturer to secure allocations for more than 100 million tests, bringing largely unhindered supply to not only the federal government but the states also. We could guarantee supply of ARTG-Registered tests, enabling the government to deliver on their promises to the public, and in a timely manner.


The Commonwealth Government proceeded with orders for over 7 million rapid antigen tests following their registration with TGA. Despite a national supply crisis with demand far outweighing supply, Westlab delivered on time and in full. 

Our driven and energetic team, as always, played a part in their success. Now we can truly say, we have Enabled Your Discovery.


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