Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Client Need

The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) are a large government organisation employing over 3,000 people through out the state of Victoria. With a structured return to work in mid-2022, the Department required a fast rollout of air purifiers to all offices to protect staff and improve IAQ.

With 60 locations spread right across Victoria, geographics presented a significant challenge. The locations varied right from Edenhope on the Western Border to metropolitan Melbourne, to Bendoc on the Eastern Border. Purifiers would need to be distributed right across the state in a period of as little as four weeks.

Westlab Solution

Westlab worked around the clock with our manufacturer to secure allocations of air purifiers that could be airfreighted within four weeks. Our team liaised closely with the department to create a full delivery timeline and schedule. We were able to pull out all stops with the manufacturer to ensure that we could get the full allocation of units within the tight timeframes, even redirecting other shipments to Australia.

With the incredibly helpful collaboration with our client, we were able to liaise with separate contacts from approximately 60 separate sites to prepare for delivery.


DELWP issued a contract with Westlab to initiate the process. Delivering initial shipments from stock, we kickstarted the process to get the most occupied CBD deliveries done first and foremost. Utilising our supply chain partner, we were able to guarantee on-time deliveries of the airfreight shipment. Fitting in with special requirements, Westlab were able to deliver to the whole state within a period of five days.

With full visibility of the supply chain and a Swiss-engineered high-end product, DELWP could rely on Westlab for white-glove service and a reliable outcome.


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